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What does state religion Yo rely on in " play turn " American the university ent
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On April 26 " news morning paper " report, the Chinese girl An Na of high school reads aloud in American California, to prepare for war " American the university entrance exam " (SAT) , return China on a special trip unexpectedly, the class of aggrandizement of SAT summer vacation that was in a school of Shanghai to go up many days 20. Such " evil fill " see effect greatly as expected, the whole world that installed graceful SAT exam to obtain full marks 1600 minutes is highest cent, with one action took the United States to breath out the admission notice of Buddha university and Masschusetts Institute of Technology.

Look, with the university entrance exam of China that should try education to cope with the United States, really be nothing difficult. However, this let a person feel an acid interest however. The author so say, because China is taught,be " play turn " American the university entrance exam, besides make clear the student that accepted Chinese type education, its " mechanical memorizing " capability is stronger, dead knowledge dot masters morer, and mastering relatively excellent answering question skill besides, what can you still show?

Pay attention to knowledge engraft, ignore the education of student ability, it is one of malady that China teachs, if say capable education, that just also developed the student's very strong ability that deals with an exam. And actually, although calculate a kind of capacity,should try ability, that also is useful in the exam only, can not let a person make true handsome appearance. China is taught not only can " play turn " American the university entrance exam, our high school student is OK also " play turn " contest of international maths, physics, chemical Olympic, can why up to now we the stage receiving award of the nobel prize on unmanned station?

China is taught " play turn " American the university entrance exam, the educational level that does not indicate us is higher than the United States, more the talent education quality that does not demonstrate us exceeds the United States. Contrary, because,be of China should try education to bring about a student to use main energy and interest in how to deal with an exam to go up, just make quality of education of our educational level, talent far not as good as the United States. Should try ability to get the better of a person to prepare, educational level and gap of talent education quality are huge, such China is taught " play turn " American the university entrance exam, be to have very strong acid interest? I wish we can be stricken from this kind of mock, appreciate teachs the crux of the problem of Yo to China.

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