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Calculator of graph of Noah boat hand-held changes traditional teaching pattern
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Served as a country a few days ago " 915 " the stress research task of the program, "The application of system of hand-held network study in discipline education studies " newest achievement -- Noah boat calculates the figure the success application of machine of exercise of technical plant enter a school passes expert appraisal.

The expert expresses, of technology of computation of Noah boat graph come out, Fill China realizes blank of graphical calculative technology on hand-held study equipment, open mathematical study graph changes the new era with visualize, it is the breakthrough of the one great revolution sex on phylogeny of Chinese education skill. Reform of new to urging a nation course, advance Chinese maths to teach development to have great history sense.

Country " mathematical courses standard " point out: "Understand truly in the process that the teacher should help a student communicate in own exploration and collaboration and master thought of basic mathematical knowledge and skill, maths and method, gain extensive mathematical activity experience. Gain extensive mathematical activity experience..

By boreal Shi Dahe limited company of science and technology of new Noah boat assumes jointly " 915 " research and development of task composition result gives graphical computation technology, the technology that succeeds to new course concept namely is answered, pass the use of graphical computation technology, can make the type that explain practice should try maths to teach change to be the own, dug that reflects new course concept and study of synergic type maths. According to introducing, technology of this graph computation includes " mathematical palette " , " algebraic figure " , " function process designing " , " geometrical dictionary " wait for a function -- it can use concept of abstract cramped maths and law intuitionistic the dynamic graph that learns easily is revealed come out; Still can let a student be put from the solution in computation, on the build and proves to wait for ability of thinking of high administrative levels logically development of the understanding that is able to concentrate time and energy in the concept, relation.
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