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Conform mathematical education changes, study machine open " the graph is calcul
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A few days ago, the country teachs technical stress first times 915 to study a task -- " system of hand-held network study teachs the application in learning research in course " , in the whole nation30More than middle and primary school begins nearly two years to come, obtain decisive major breakthrough again: This project technology supports square Noah boat, successful on platform of study of new generation hand-held research and development " graphical calculator " function, china counts manage education hopeful to greet graphical computation to study a period.

12Month18Day, machine of Noah boat study " the graph is calculated " the technology passes Ministry of Education formally central report teachs a house appraisal. The appraisal series that teachs teacher and student of company, mathematics the composition such as the expert by Ministry of Education, person thinks consistently: Graphical calculator is learning the applied fill of machine the skill that China learns equipment in hand-held is blank, complied with the reform demand of standard of national new course, the ideal platform that is the dug sexology practice that national education department encourages, in new course the standard is reformed and field of teacher and student of mathematics of promotion dug type has fundamental promotion value and applied value. Overgrown with weeds of dawn of king of deputy curator of house of central education with electrical audiovisual aids expresses, new achievement has the trends study of dug type to leading a student, arouse their thinking in images, what cogent implementation student explores study ability and other capability independently is comprehensive increase an import great.

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