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Chen Xiaoya points out area of the eastpart part wants to take the lead in advan
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The seventeen offers greatly teachs reform and evolution about the foundation new job that fulfils a party to carry out and new requirement, build and form the new mechanism that drives our country foundation effectively to teach evolution, new Year beginning, chen Xiaoya of undersecretary of Ministry of Education is chaired in Guangdong Fosan held national educational inspector and expert informal discussion, special subject studies base of area of the eastpart part teachs development problem. Governor of Ministry of Education learned educational inspector of state of advisory, part and expert to attend a forum.

Chen Xiaoya points out, new period advances area of the eastpart part to reach big in development of urban base education wants to have new target, new move, area of the eastpart part takes the lead in advancing a foundation to teach modernization, construction teachs strong province, it is the need that builds manpower resource power, also be the need that society of economy of region of the eastpart part admits. The fundamental education of area of the eastpart part should increase reform innovation strength, pay attention to connotation development more, want to have new breakthrough on innovation education mode; Want to take a system seriously to build more, strengthen what provincial government teachs to the foundation to plan as a whole, depend on code model school to manage, explore macroscopical government mechanism, research builds a strong job to advance mechanism and superintend and director to guide evaluation mechanism; Want to strengthen classified guidance, the construction of system of the evaluation that monitor is caught on the face, reform test division is caught on the dot.

Expert and the educational inspector such as the Wang Zhan of adviser of total educational inspector of Ministry of Education that attends a forum, Tao Xiping were sure in recent years our country foundation teachs evolution adequately especially the huge success that rural obligation teachs development to obtain, height evaluated a country western area " two base " the enormous contribution of the immediate increase that obligation of assault fortified positions, country teachs funds to ensure a mechanism to reform numerous people to bring and construction of comprehensive to the country comparatively well-off society.

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