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Urban and rural and compulsory education realizes Guangdong since spring semeste
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Guangdong saves 2008 year to teach working conference to be held today, guangdong omits governmental decision, on the base that already exempted obligation of complete province country to teach student sundry charges and textbook cost, from this year spring semester rises, carry out absolve total provincial capital to press down obligation to teach level student sundry charges and textbook to expend policy; Build rural obligation to teach school building maintenance to transform lasting effect mechanism, owe develop area allowance standard is junior high school every are unripe annual 50 yuan, every lay elementary school annual 30 yuan, and year after year rises, other area is not small at this standard.

Each county (city, area) it is grasper in order to unite pay of teacher of education of the obligation inside prefectural region even, wait for a respect from equipment of funds of finance sex education, persons qualified to teach, source of student, infrastructure, instrument reasonable configuration is urban and rural and compulsory educational education resource. Want cogent the average income standard that assures teacher of rural middle and primary school not the average income level under national official; Cogent improvement the job of teacher of rural middle and primary school, study, living conditions, the traffic that solves rural teacher actively, housing, children reads reach the issue such as the job; Executive college graduate arrives owe develop area rural area from teach mount guard to cancel cost policy, guide and encourage a college outstanding graduate teachs to rural school.

Guangdong pays firm average high middle school this year school distribution of school of the duty in mixing is equitable adjust, accelerate team of school building of school of high school level, teacher and instrument facility construction, do not allow to run average high school answer read a class, enlarge managerial dimensions effectively, strive to save high school phase to teach rate of wool enter a school to achieve completely this year 73% . Cogent education of the job in advancing is strategical structural adjustment, exert oneself pushs set out to amount to area and owe develop education of the job in area combination development, exert oneself is driven establish with the enterprise group or large and medium-sized enterprise and professional technology school instruct a group for the duty of carrier, large-scale recruit education to owe develop area junior high school is graduate, progressively implementation hires the manpower resource to recruit students of professional technology school to configure new pattern change from the enterprise.

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