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Of backside of place of Olympic Games of college of collect division speak of so
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Luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee says 24 days, the Olympic Games left numerous materiality and aeriform legacy to Beijing and even whole China 2008. Among them, corporeal bequest is many sports place, these place aux will be able to after the Olympic Games continue to produce effect, be used extensively by student and social masses. Our what did place of Olympic Games of college of collect division speak of somebody in glowing terms remind?

Use after the contest of Olympic Games place, it is a cosmopolitan difficult problem all the time. "One part place is built in Beijing college, contest epigenesis is center of activity of undergraduate sports culture, contented student goes up indoors the gym, demand that develops large activity " one of guiding ideology that are program of place of Beijing Olympic Games.

In place of Beijing Olympic Games, 4 place are built in the college, it is gymnasium of gymnasium of university of science and technology of gymnasium of Beijing University gymnasium, Chinese agriculture college, Beijing and Beijing industry university respectively. After contest, these place basically will be used at college sports education, training, match to wait.

2002, in many 60 college of Beijing only Tsinghua, a few school such as northing is built have gymnasium, most school has an earth sports ground only. In July 2002 portion, the Chen Zhangliang that president of Chinese agriculture university assumes when offers to build Olympic Games place in the college. Chen Zhangliang thinks " Chinese agriculture college east the campus is proximate Olympic park, if can build Olympic Games place in farming in senior colonel garden, can satisfy the need of Olympic Games match already, can provide a very good physical training room for the student after contest again. Can provide a very good physical training room for the student after contest again..

Sports facilities is the base that develops sports activity, inadequacy of school sports facilities is relatively at present general. This one problem solves just about in building Olympic Games place in the college " nostrum " . Place of case of collect of no less than says, these place will continue to produce effect after contest.

Chinese sports delegacy counts a rank in the gold on this Olympic Games the first, when we cheer for it, whether sober realise gold the first do not be equal to sports powerful nation. Our country swims in track and field wait for fundamental sex project to go up very fragile, this is the issue that we need to face up to. The characteristic of the sports powerful nation such as the United States has powerful masses base namely, and key of promotion masses gymnastic is to want to grab from the student. Material shows, the United States for many times Olympic Games trials (include this second) in American Russia stadium of Le Gang university is held. The United States comes from only in the American sports delegation that joins Beijing Olympic Games this the university has Mixigen many 40, "Water cubic metre is mythological " the student that Feierpusi ever was this school, train in this school all the time. This school student attended each Olympic Games almost, obtain 55 gold in all. We should draw lessons from abroad's good experience and practice, develop the school sports that has 300 million people energetically, enhance the student's fitness, be popularized hard on this foundation and develop athletic sports. And development athletic sports needs enough hardware. We should like to ask, if the sports facilities in the school is backward, why to talk about sports of fitness of the whole people, masses?
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