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Anhui student establishs Templar to take exercise one hour at least everyday
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A few days ago, the Anhui province the 4th times the conference discusses standing committee of 11 National People's Congress passed " byelaw of fitness of the whole people of the Anhui province " . Byelaw general was day of fitness of the whole people of the Anhui province every year surely on June 10, stipulate the school wants to make sure the student takes exercise 1 hour at least everyday, every school year holds entire school sex at least athletic sports is met.

Press orders demand, the class hour that the school should set by the country implements gym education, begin training of activity of setting-up exercise during the break, extracurricular sports, extracurricular sports and sports race. In the meantime, the school should establish record of student constitution health, fixed organization student undertakes the constitution checks, regard a student as constitutional health condition integrated quality evaluates index, include student school work exam headings in an account book gym.

" byelaw of fitness of the whole people of the Anhui province " return a regulation, communal sports facilities opens time everyday general not less than 8 hours, stagger appropriately with time of the job of local public, study, legal holiday and school should extend open time appropriately between holiday of cold hot weather. It is other and OK that the park of governmental investment build is mixed of fitness public, answer to be opened freely to the citizen stage by stage. Build, rebuild, the dweller of extend is uptown, should build corresponding sports fitness establishment about the regulation by the country, design construction at the same time with project of its main body, at the same time investment is used.


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