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Teaching material version cannot replacing casually
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Qiu Peijun of reporter of report from our correspondent reports: Autumn begins this year, I save school of high school level to will have new course test entirely, yesterday, the province teachs the new tax that hall holds to change conference introduction, new tax changes teaching material to had reached the designated position, the teaching material of each district must be in choose the option inside catalog limits, do not get a breakthrough.

Already arranged 3.2 million yuan of classes to change funds

According to introducing, at present my province had decided 67 average high school are school of sample of new course test, example school will be the high school school of different type, different pattern to provide practice experience; Already undertook protestant material use to more than 10000 teachers groom. My province still establishs working party, change special funds at arranging 3.2 million yuan of subjects August.

Main subject saves a version completely

Material of Protestantism of make choice of is a when carry out new course main job, involve the university entrance exam considering average high school, to unite teaching material version relatively, each district chose to decide use version, main subject (thought politics, Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemical, biology, music) complete province all is a version, teaching material is carried already basically now reach the designated position.

Teach hall regulation, each district should teach what hall announces strictly to choose catalog in the province teaching material is chosen inside limits, do not get a breakthrough. Schoolbook is in initial year already make choice of, must keep stable, do not get midway to change version. Because of special situation need changes of version, must teach hall approval to agree via the province.

Plan of the university entrance exam predicts the end of the year comes on stage

Because new course is right,all sorts of requirements of the student and evaluation standard have change, teach hall requirement, the school wants a foundation target the diversity of multivariate, means, evaluation principle that pays attention to a process, build integrated, dynamic growing record manual for the student, reflect growing process of the student in the round.

In the meantime, to reflect reform gain, the plan of the university entrance exam after 3 years also will have change, the evaluation wants as a result with link up with of the university entrance exam. Educational office is aimed at new plan of the university entrance exam will extensive consult each opinion, according to introducing, the plan of the university entrance exam 2011 predicts this year the end of the year comes on stage.


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