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Middle school president divided into classes to play be missing
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Want to look for the president? Hand mechanism machine, president room nobody. Come day after day, the reporter sees in the high school at the beginning of the part, new term opens credit class result one, the president was become " invisible person " .

Eve, the reporter is saving demonstrative high school to see, new tall of one divide into classes fair before showing a shop sign, many new student parents stop watch, the child entered the parent face of experimental class to take joyful look, the parent complexion that the child is divided to parallel class is anxious. "Call quickly seek a person, look can move a class! " one parent loses an election in the child after experimental class, draw out a phone instantly " the spot handles official bussiness " .

In the morning 10 when 30 minutes, the reporter sees in office of this school recruit students, 4 parents expect here. After 5 minutes, again kubla khah of an overgrow head comes: "Looked for circuit, still did not see the president. " one teacher says this office, they look for the president to move a class.

"The president hid. " this teacher discloses under the counter, because it is experimental class persons qualified to teach, better that source of student is deployed, it is the fast class of the school, these losing an election parent unwilling to give up, still want to look for the president to let the child take experimental class. Accordingly, the president not only hand mechanism machine, adjusted even office spot temporarily. The reporter visited two middle schools to discover again subsequently, the president of two school is in divide into classes the mobile phone was shut after the end, among them one already did not know place eventually.

The president of one famous junior high school introduces, since after dividing into classes to come out as a result, what he receives at most everyday is phone begging for leniency, shut mobile phone fact to belong to lift helplessly. "You look, these should take fast class completely. " a drawer that the president pulls open desk, piling inside thick fold a brief informal note, it is above " hope take into consideration the circumstances enrolls × × fast class " the content of and so on. The reporter is rough one, share many pieces 50.


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