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"Happy event brush brush " degenerative
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Go from the bank that momently, feeling of Sun Nan Nan freed oneself eventually, the half an year that can'ts bear heavy burden " card slave " the life makes all of her body and mind exhausted! Stand below sunshine, she discovers suddenly, former nature becomes so blue, breath is so carefree. "A moment ago, after I still am over finishing stroke debt, stopped card newspaper immediately, this half an year is to torment me dead really! " now, she resembles just flouncing off the birdie of chains only, sun Nan Nan says lightly.
Sun Nan Nan is Heilongjiang of an university big 3 students, last year a of in the winter afternoon, when she returns boarding house, see some bank is promoting credit card business, "Can overdraw every months 3000 yuan " conduct propaganda moved the heart of Sun Nan Nan. Before, saw favorite thing wants ability of assemble enough money to buy, but sometimes fund save money became enough the thing sells again did not have. Then, she also wants to try " spend the money tomorrow, round today's dream " .
"I the living cost that every month has 1000 money, just think at the outset, if overdrew to still can go up with living cost really, did not think of... " Sun Nan Nan heaves a sigh.
Drawing near of new year's day, each are big bazaar was done dozen fold sales promotion activity, before Sun Nan Nan spent half day time, go " clean out treasure " , cosmetic, dress bought one lot, the flower became smooth living cost does not say, still overdrew in card many 500 money. She plans originally " constrictive " the living cost of next month is returned on, unexpectedly the classmate crosses birthday to want to have a meal again dinner party, not only fail to still go up with living cost debt, still let her overdraw again 1000 money.
The reimbursement deadline extremely urgent of a month, she dare not say with parents a month spent 2500 money, still overdrew to the bank especially 1500. Be obliged to be being hidden the truth from money lends to the classmate in the home, with the debt that will return a bank. But the classmate also is mostly " moon a group of things with common features " , the Qian Caicou that Sun Nan Nan lent several classmates is enough 1500 money.
With great difficulty is blocked up on bank this cavity, she should be anxious to owe the classmate's money again. "Do not eat to be not drunk next month also just 1000 money, still do not go up at all the money that owe. " but, sun Nan Nan is obliged to overdraw to the bank again the money of next month will return the classmate's money. Relapse so, do so that she rectifies deity classics, attended class to also do not have energy, cater-cousin says she resembles is " the aubergine that frost hits " .
"The living cost of every month is not quite beautiful, often want to lend money reimbursement, tear open east the wall fills on the west wall, so all the time vicious circle goes down, I can work only finally repay a debt. " Sun Nan Nan appeals to difficulties that one is reluctant to mention to the reporter at the same time, still making up to the client at the same time.
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