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Chinese sound assist Tan Ge of controller of class of musical take an examinatio
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Sing checking level is a new issue, although start late, but what study class development than instrumental music for certain is fast. The parent and children hope to begin to take an examination of quickly very much certainly. Can you be specific how be taken an examination of? How do listening to Chinese sound to do music to study class chief say:

The first it is test standard. Sing the test standard branch that checks level is 4: It is phonic accurate rhythm; 2 it is affection expression; 3 it is to phonate say a word; 4 it is bearing accomplishment.

The 2nd it is music purpose choice. Basically consider content of music purpose thought and culture connotation; It is music purpose again classical sex, 3 it is music purpose diversity, but discretion of give attention to two or morethings is united in wedlock.

The 3rd method that is grading is adopted already the " hundred mark system that in " music main accomplishment " studies the success in class to use plan cent, the method of " of grading of the five-grade marking system. The commissioner asks to quantify when computational achievement, refine, because this uses hundred mark system; And the evaluation that regards pair of examinee as achievement should be palpability, wraparound however, because this presses hundred mark system the principle of round to be changed into the five-grade marking system (5 minutes outstanding, 4 minutes good, pass a test,examination,etc. 3 minutes, fail 2 minutes) , avoid examinee (especially the child) constrained at minor details. 4 when when be being carried out actually, mention above test standards set different rate according to different level inside hundred mark system, after the commissioner separates a plan branch become the five-grade marking system by conversion of statistic of the staff member that check level again, reach the final result of examinee. This kind of method not only the tenet that is helpful for reflecting quality to teach, and the optional sex that can avoid to judge time-sharing.

Check level about singing in group with classification, singing about beginning check level " announce " in made specific provision. Vocal cent is little with the adult two groups are fastened, basically differentiate with whether passing crack period to regard as. Little the music of the group looks give priority to in order to reflect the work of children and teenager life interest, ask with child's voice Tong Qu is sung, when the song that sings a few adults to be able to be sung looks more want such, do not turn " into young adult " definitely. Content of adult cento purpose, style is very extensive, the range of the choice is very wide, examinee should be liked according to his and condition, use sing a method appropriately had sung. Coach when vocal examinee, the training method of education of vocal music of school of major of certain not simple apply mechanically, and the actual standard that wants the requirement according to different song and candidate for an entrance examination, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, from increase musical quality take as the point of departure, help examinee achieves better result.
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