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Violinist teachs
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Teacher number:
T69726 Full name: Mr. Yang(To protect teacher privacy, the meeting when particular speak to sb face to face offers full name to reach all sorts of certificate to you)
Sexual distinction:
Province / country:
Be born a particular year:
Eye predecessor portion:
Major of attend in a advanced studies grooms orgnaization teacher
Land time recently:
Time of examine and verify:
(工作时间:早上9:00-晚上8:00)(预约时,请提供此教员的编号:T69726 )
Educational information
Read / graduate college:
Shanxi saves artistic profession institute
At present (finally) record of formal schooling:
Three-year institution of higher learning graduates
Address information
Life abode:
Dragon China area
Long Hua district of city of Hainan province big talk is British road
The job / school abode:
Dragon China area
Long Hua district of city of Hainan province big talk is British road
On-the-job teacher information
Hold a post school category:
Be not our region elementary school
Hold the post of education division:
Title grade:
Still do not have title grade
Of school age:
3 years
Information of relevant family education
Can teach course:
Violin, vocal music, music theory, card pulls OK/ singing, mandarin,
Ego describes specialty to reveal:
From small begin to learn a violin, begin to be done to the student when 16 years old accompany practice, 18 years old begin to bring a student. 2 grade school recommends the university grooming the class takes a course. In school attend orchestra rehearse 6 years and attend large show for many times. Off hours works two years to take a violin in nursery school after graduation. Have rich teacher and student experience and to student patience and serious education manner.
Can give lessons area and detailed description:
Show flower area, dragon China area, area of United States orchid, dragon China area is beautiful flower area Area of United States orchid fines jade a mountainous area
Family education resume
Student evaluation
Education achievement:
Him from a child learns a violin, in Shanxi province artistic institute specializes in 6 years, teach 3 years, have rich teaching experience. Philharmonic orchestra and show attend during school. The superlative degree of appraisal of class of unified exam of committee member of central music institute attends to adopt 8 form in the student.
Salary requirement:
50/ hour

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