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Hainan college family education
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Teacher number:
T65670 Full name: He Jiao member(To protect teacher privacy, the meeting when particular speak to sb face to face offers full name to reach all sorts of certificate to you)
Sexual distinction:
Province / country:
Gansu Province
Be born a particular year:
Eye predecessor portion:
Undergraduate course is old 2 students
Land time recently:
Time of examine and verify:
(工作时间:早上9:00-晚上8:00)(预约时,请提供此教员的编号:T65670 )
Educational information
Read / graduate college:
Hainan university
Artistic institute art is designed
At present (finally) record of formal schooling:
Undergraduate course is being read
Address information
Life abode:
Area of United States orchid
Hainan university 4 apartment 318 rooms
The job / school abode:
Area of United States orchid
People highway 58
Information of relevant family education
Can teach course:
Art, canvas, , sketch, soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes, literary sketch, cartoon, preschool education.
Ego describes specialty to reveal:
Hainan university is taken an examination of after three-year institution of higher learning passes one year on Lanzhou city.
Enter school success the Gansu Province the 3rd.
Ever held the position of teacher of give a lecture in room of Lanzhou god strokes.
Cold summer vacation sponsors golden center atelier in city of spring of Gansu Province wine.
Be engaged in art teaching job for a long time having distinctive teaching method the reliance of deep wide undergraduate and parent.
Can give lessons area and detailed description:
Show flower area, dragon China area, fine jade a mountainous area, area of United States orchid, should not exceed 40 minutes by car time only already but.
Family education resume
Student evaluation
Education achievement:
Coached 2005 student Zhang Liang triumphant (7 years old) Yao Shun (6 years old) win first prize and third class award respectively in contest of little gift of brushwork of the Gansu Province, coached 2006 Xucheng's classmate checks key high school, ma Qinghua's classmate obtained certificate of approval of Sichuan university major 2007. (above has the data can be examined)

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