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Hainan college family education
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Teacher number:
T65808 Full name: With the teacher(To protect teacher privacy, the meeting when particular speak to sb face to face offers full name to reach all sorts of certificate to you)
Sexual distinction:
Province / country:
Be born a particular year:
Eye predecessor portion:
Undergraduate course is old 3 students
Land time recently:
Time of examine and verify:
(工作时间:早上9:00-晚上8:00)(预约时,请提供此教员的编号:T65808 )
Educational information
Read / graduate college:
Hainan university
Music is performed (vocal music)
At present (finally) record of formal schooling:
Undergraduate course is being read
Address information
Life abode:
Area of United States orchid
People highway 57
The job / school abode:
Area of United States orchid
People highway 57
Information of relevant family education
Can teach course:
Vocal music, music theory, card pulls OK/ singing,
Ego describes specialty to reveal:
I study vocal music (the nation calls a way) nearly 10 years, perform for Hainan university music now big the student of 3, have rich professional theory and teaching experience, the 5th young singer contest is saved to go up in Shaanxi, have the honor to win professional and second-class award, have the honor to win award of third class of contest of singer of Long Zhijing TV 3 years, during the university is read, attend unit performance expressing sympathy and solicitude for and report show for many times.
Can give lessons area and detailed description:
Area of United States orchid, show flower area, 1. Of Hainan learn east the door, line of shop sign of boreal door station
Family education resume
Student evaluation
Education achievement:
Salary requirement:
50/ accompanies practice 60/ attends class

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