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English family education
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Teacher number:
T29710 Full name: Money teacher(To protect teacher privacy, the meeting when particular speak to sb face to face offers full name to reach all sorts of certificate to you)
Sexual distinction:
Province / country:
Be born a particular year:
Eye predecessor portion:
Leave one's post teacher of junior high school
Land time recently:
Time of examine and verify:
(工作时间:早上9:00-晚上8:00)(预约时,请提供此教员的编号:T29710 )
Educational information
Read / graduate college:
Institute of yellow ridge normal school
English education
At present (finally) record of formal schooling:
Undergraduate course is being read
Address information
Life abode:
Area of United States orchid
Sea pasture island 5 on the west garden of morning of sea of road south bright phearl 4 2 unit 201
The job / school abode:
Area of United States orchid

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