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Shallow talk how to improve efficiency of mathematical classroom education
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Present course raised new requirement to teaching job, want actual effect of be particular about namely, improve efficiency, reduce the student's overweight lesson burden, large area improves education quality, this also raised a new target to the teacher at the same time, if why increase benefit inside 40 minutes, promote quality? The author thinks, the teacher holds dominant sex position in classroom education, should face a student this one main body, hold teaching material, have clear target consciousness, capture basic link, take an exercise seriously, improve education efficiency.
The preparation before the class has target consciousness
The preparation before the class is sufficient, affecting the efficiency of classroom education directly, prepare lessons not only teaching material wanting equipment, have even student. This points to namely should hold teaching material, make clear a purpose, connection learning is real, key, difficulty accomplishs know fairly well, education designs the masterstroke that captures thinking, realia preparation is sufficient, writing on blackboard designs clarity. For example: Education " set a figure " when, can let a student abstain tangram to wait learn to provide, use on the class go all out, quantity, calculate. Capture beg " area and " , " the area is poor " spread out education.
Award knowledge newly to have breakthrough consciousness
Generally speaking, pupil often achieves a goal through practicing coming to intellectual control, in new time service, how does the teacher hold a key, break through difficulty? When the design practices, be about around " breakthrough " 2 words make great efforts, popularly, exercise of usable specific aim, operation sex exercise, nuncupative sex exercise.
Classroom brief summary has feedback opinion
In classroom education, the teacher can get the feedback of education information at any time, the teacher should take step, adjust in time, or judge tell, or time award, or error correction, the teacher should accomplish know fairly well more, so that organize the education of below one class better.
Teach without calm law, expensive in do sth in the proper way, every can accord with education rule in education, follow children acknowledge pattern, can make classroom efficiency rises somewhat.

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